Fans Help

Fans banding together for their communities


To work with sports teams, athletes and fans to support volunteering, donations and charities in a different, smaller and more frequent way. Although sports is a main component, much of this could be applied to other interests such as music or the arts and so is certainly not limited to sports.


Fans are passionate people. They’re passionate about their sport and their team. They’re passionate about their hobbies, and their interests. Many fans are passionate about giving back to their community, but unless there is a sponsored event i.e. a food drive there is very little involvement between the two.


Banding fans, teams and players together to do more frequent smaller charity initiatives. For example, fans purchase x number of tickets to a sporting event (or events), the team either matches the tickets bought or provides different incentive such as food & drink for each ticket, and everything is donated to an appropriate charity such as an orphanage